The introduction of the most popular dating software in China is a must to come to China!


The official version of Tencent Wechat app, which is used by hundreds of millions of people, can send voice, text messages, facial expressions, pictures and videos to friends through the mobile network, as well as share photos to moments. By shaking and checking people nearby, you can make new friends.

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Like Wechat, QQ-, also from China’s Internet giant, is happy to communicate. Serving more than 90% of mobile Internet users, many people transmit videos and documents to each other, constantly innovate to meet the needs of communication, and are committed to creating a happy communication and life experience.

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Momo Momo is a pan-social and entertainment platform based on geographical location. In MOMO Momo app, you can vividly show yourself through short videos, live broadcasts, etc.; get to know people nearby; join nearby groups; check nearby messages; and participate in nearby activities. You can also exchange geographical locations with friends and chat with interesting expressions.

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Weibo is a social networking site launched by China’s that provides microblogging services. Users can post messages or upload pictures through web pages, WAP pages, mobile clients, SMS and MMS.This Twitter is similar to Facebook.

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As a rising star of Chinese social software, Soul’s Soul Social APP, which is very popular with young people, has won “Tencent excellent App recommendation”, “Zhi Mei App” and “Aurora Award” Soul APP is “warm and interesting spiritual Social APP”.

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The above is the most popular social software APP in China, of course, the first necessary in China is Wechat, social networking, payment without it you will be impossible to move, and then you can choose other social apps for entertainment!